SBC Global Support

The SBC Global.Net is a popular email service offered to the business class clients. The ease of integrating the email into the apps on the iDevices or the Droid devices via POP makes this email service a popular choice among the working class. The SBC Global acquired AT&T and partnered with Yahoo to offer this email service. Hence, the email login page for users who registered after June 11th, 2011 is redirected to the Yahoo login page. Support for setting up the AT&T email is provided at the official website for AT&T. One may have to go through the troubleshooting files in order to solve minor technical snags which do not let him/her access the email via a smart device using iOS/Droid.

For severe issues like not being able to log in or repeated password request when trying to log in are reported at the forum. If your work does not spare so much leisure to check with the support team for AT&T, you can call a third-party team like us to tide out of the issues. A majority of Mac users find trouble accessing the SBC Global email account from the Mail App, it is assumed to be caused due to a fault with iOS devices, but in reality, the issue occurs due to the submission of wrong configuration parameters when adding it to the Mail App. Sometimes, the problem arises all of a sudden, which can be attributed to down times of Yahoo server, change of port or account settings by AT&T, etc. To identify the problem and get over the issue, call us on the toll-free number. Listed below are few problems which can be easily solved by oneself.

POP Settings gone wrong: The ability to integrate the SBC mail with other mail apps on the smart devices is its greatest strength. But with every new setting, configuration errors are bound to increase and cause problems in accessing the email from the said device. The domain name setting for SBC must be given as while the port setting for POP must be configured with 995 or The right value of SMTP port is 465 or a user ID for POP3 user ID is modified as when providing the user account details. SBC Global uses SSL and POP# protocol for secure communication.

Problems with merging SBC Global and Uverse Internet service: Uverse is the internet service provided by AT&T. When a customer chooses to buy the internet service from AT&T after having used the SBC global account for a long time, his/her mail account with the will need migrating. There may be issues if a customer uses a different, new AT&T email account for registering with Uverse. This problem requires one to get in touch with an AT&T representative and help migrate the account to Uverse properly. You can post at the AT&T forum and wait for the contributor to respond or call our third-party technical support team to handle this situation.

Dropping Uverse connection: A Uverse connection is tied to the AT&T email account, if one were to discontinue using the email provider service there is expected to be some problem with the continued use of the email account. Earlier, until a year after the connection is discontinued, a user can access the email accounts. It was considered a sufficient time for the person to create a new account which is not tied to any service or migrate to a new account altogether. Currently, the updated policy which is in effect from the year 2009, lets the user use the email accounts. Hence, if one is facing issues after discontinuing the use of Uverse, it may be because of providing wrong configuration parameters or failure to update to new configuration parameters. Get in touch with our third-party email support for SBC Global to find a quick solution.

Problems using Mail App on iOS devices: Some customers who use iPads, iPhones, Mac books, etc., have faced issues after integrating the SBC Global email account into the Email App on the iOS device. After making sure that the configuration settings are in place, one may want to try and force quit the email app and reboot the device. If this does not work, one may want to delete the account and add it again with fresh configuration settings fetched automatically. It may happen that a down time at Yahoo server or switch over in communication protocols temporarily or permanently as notified earlier may cause this issue which can be sorted by deleting and adding the account again. If this sounds very confusing and you cannot get over the problem even after rebooting, and removing and adding the account afresh, get in touch with our technical team for SBC Global support via telephone. Alternately, you may post a thread in the AT&T forum and wait for a proper response.