MSN Customer Service And Support Team

MSN Email service is popularly used for business communication, as it offers quicker mail delivery, faster attachment options, etc. Also, one can configure outlook, add MSN email account and check emails from a single application on a smart device. This ease of integrating into outlook makes the MSN mail suitable for work. MSN being an Operating system giant is very particular about security measures. Hence, a configuration parameter gone wrong may disrupt the normal functioning of the email system.

Make it a habit not to download a file in the mail until it has been scanned for threat or it has been verified from the sender. Such downloads may be used to steal the email ID or install malware. Once the email ID has been compromised it is used to send phishing or junk emails to all its contacts. Finding emails from unknown people or replies to mail you never composed is a sign that your email is hacked. Recovering a hacked email is far difficult when there are no measures for securing it has been taken.

It is recommended that a user provides an alternate email address or a mobile number as recovery options. This way a hacked email is easy to recover. When one is facing issues with MSN email usage, he/she can search the Microsoft solution center for a similar problem and check the solution described. If there is no such matching issue, one may have to add a new thread at the MSN solution Center. If this posting questions and waiting for answers and somebody to get in touch is too time-consuming, you can take assistance from our third-party technical support team dealing with MSN support.

Problems with reading, sending or accessing emails: This is a common issue faced by MSN users. When one is unable to read the mail by clicking it, there might be synchronisation issues, clicking the synchronisation button or pressing F5 should set things right. When one is using to access MSN mails, there may be synchronisation errors which cause problems in accessing mails. Sometimes, too much local data may interfere with the mail synchronisation. Clear the data by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F9, but this step may cause the initial login to take more time than usual.

For problems with sending or receiving emails, one may have to access the database folder and rename the SDF files to .sdf.old and log in again. If finding the files and configuration makes you uncomfortable you can take help from our third-party technical support team for MSN mail. This configuration of data files varies with each version of OS. Hence, when you call our team, keep the information like the current version of OS, antivirus software version, etc., handy.

Attachment does not open after virus scan: This is a common problem faced by MSN mail users. This is a security measure taken by the MSN and should not be neglected. The MSN virus scan scans every document to check if it contains the possible infection. If it detects any malicious content, it does not allow the user to download the file. In case the file is an important business communication, request the sender to apply zip compression before attaching and sending the mail.

Missing emails: It is a common scenario faced by many MSN email customers. If a user has not configured to save a copy of the message sent into sent folder, his/her emails will not be saved. This case of missing emails is not serious, but may hamper a business communication flow or use up more resources at a workplace. To avoid sending same emails twice because it was not found in the sent folder, one must first configure the Sent Messages tab under the Mail & More option icon. It is good to check the Folders on MSN or in the Folders on your Computer for the missing email before configuring the sent folder. If this does not work, one may have to find a specific message via the Shift+F3 button. If this gets too confusing, seek technical assistance on phone by calling our third-party MSN support team.

Wrong Mail Filter settings: If one has set exclusive filter settings for spam detection important emails may also be delivered to junk folder instead of the inbox. The setting for Junk e-mail filter must be moderately set. If one has selected strong or exclusive as the option, this issue crops up. Once one has changed the setting to moderate, it is important to save the settings, otherwise, the older settings will take effect.

Recovering hacked account: If the account was set with an alternate recovery option, it will be an easy job. If not, one may have to answer a questionnaire about specific emails and messages. After this one has to wait until a personnel from Microsoft gets in touch with you.