Juno Mail Customer Support

Juno was considered a webmail giant during the 1990s. The email service provider was fast and reliable during that decade, but with updated versions of the browsers in place and faster and free versions of email systems from competitor companies coming in the race, Juno lost its shine. But, there are many dedicated and loyal users who vouch for Juno service. With features to integrate Juno mail on iDevices and Droid devices besides Windows mail or Outlook express, Juno is retaining its dedicated customer base by attending to the complaints at the earliest. It can be said that the biggest strength of this company is the way it responds to user complaint or an issue reported by the Juno user.

A representative gets in touch quickly and suggests some troubleshooting methods on call, or via a forum. The fastest way to get in touch with a Juno representative is to contact them via phone. But, this call is charged heavily, and if the call is put on hold for lack of personnel presence at that moment, you may have to shell a great deal to get troubleshooting instructions. Alternately, you may call our third-party Juno email support team for free and get the troubleshooting instructions on phone.

Some of the common issues faced by the Juno users and the troubleshooting methods are listed below.

Freezing email and restricted browsing movement: The freezes may occur due to any reason if the cache data in the browser is full, it may prevent the normal functioning of the tabs in the browser. To tide over this issue one may have to simply delete the browsing history without removing the cookies and saved passwords initially. If this does not work, deleting the complete browsing history may work. Also, certain browsers like the IE11 do not work well with Juno. This bug is being fixed by the official Juno coders. Once the bug fix is out for the underlying issue causing this problem, it will be a lot more easier for everybody to access the bug fixing module. On getting touch with the representative, you may be mailed the bug fix disks or provided with the link for download. If you have no clue about how to go about to install the bug fix, call our third-party support team for free and get further guidance.

Problems logging in to Juno: This is one of the common problem faced by Juno users. It is attributed to unstable internet connectivity. Hence, the first and foremost thing to do is to check if the internet connection is secure and in place. If you are using Juno Dialup/ DSL connection, try the troubleshoot email link present in email featuring page. This troubleshooting involves one to choose the appropriate link provided by the Juno interface for identifying the problem. If the problem persists after following the troubleshoot instructions it is time to contact a Juno representative on phone. If you are wary of following the email troubleshooting instructions from the interface, call our technical assistance team to be guided about ways to troubleshoot the issue.

Resetting or Retrieving a Juno password: If you have forgotten your password you can easily reset it by accessing the Reset password page. One is required to enter account details and submit a form for the password reset. The Juno team will contact you and verify your account details by asking questions pertaining to account ownership. Keep the details handy when applying for Password reset. The password can be reset only when a Juno representative calls and verifies your account ownership. If you face any hurdles or if you are unable to prove your account ownership, you may not be able to retrieve your password. Hence, it is important that you keep the account details securely.

Setting up Juno in Smartphone/Windows Live/Outlook: The ability to integrate Juno email into the Windows Live mail using POP makes it easy to access the Juno mail from a single icon. Depending on the version of the browser one is using, one can easily access the necessary support file on the Juno support website. The POP3 port settings for setting up Juno on Droid phone is 995 for incoming server settings and 465 for the outgoing SMTP server port number. SSL is the chosen mode for security. For configuring the Windows mail one can automate this procedure if he/she is using Juno for the first time. The POP settings format to be given is pop.juno.com while the SMTP setting is smtp.juno.com the port numbers remain the same. It is important that one checks the option not to download email folders at that instant before clicking the Finish button. If this seems a confusing and a herculean task to find the appropriate instruction, call our third party support team for Juno email, and get quick guidance over the phone.