Internet Explorer (IE) Browser Support Service

The Internet Explorer was a popular choice for browsers when it was introduced for browsing the World Wide Web. This browser operated on Windows OS. IE lost its appeal with IE6 version which had many bugs and glitches. Microsoft has tried improving IE since then. With IE 11 in place, most issues have been sorted and the browser is now reclaiming its place among the crowd of browsers available in the market. With many options to personalise, install add-ons and manage to browse effectively, IE is fast becoming a favourite browser. With fast loading times and secure mode available for browsing, IE is indeed a good choice for a browser.

Glitches in the most preferred browsers are a common concern. Most issues are a result of incompatible webpages, system OS, or enabling of inappropriate virus protection mode. It may also be due to wrongly configured settings for add-ons, internet options, and compatibility view settings, etc. The simple issues like wrong configuration settings are easily handled by searching for them on support forum at Microsoft. If one does not have time to search for issues on the Internet or at the forum, he/she can get in touch with our third-party support team for IE browser issues.

Some of the minor issues faced by IE users and tips to tide over them are listed below. Choice of one simple wrong setting may create issues with page loading, and case browser to hang or freeze.

Problems displaying a page: The displayed webpage may be missing in pictures, have misaligned text, jumbled menus, etc., which is caused due to an incompatible webpage code. One can still view it in a better format by adding the webpage in the list for compatibility view settings. To do so, click the settings icon on the top to the right side of the explorer, visible beside the favourites and the home page icon. Click the Compatibility View Settings option from the drop-down menu and add the website in the given textbox.

Add-ons and the issues: Few add-ons may also interfere with the display modes of the browser. One can also try disabling the add-ons. Click the Manage add-ons from the list of the IE settings and disable the appropriate add-on. To disable just right click on the option which is displayed in the list of add-ons running on the browser. One may also disable add-ons and extensions by typing a simple command in the run box from the start menu. Type the iexplore.exe -extoff command and hit enter. This opens the browser without any add-ons or extensions.

But, disabling certain add-ons may interfere with video content. This choice disables certain add-ons which help play the video in the browser. In case the page video is not playing even with add-ons enabled, check to see if you have chosen the InPrivate browsing session. If you are confused at any juncture, call our third-party technical support on phone and get quick assistance.

Slow loading pages, browser freeze, and crashes: For slow to load pages clearing the browser cache data does the trick. But, this method clears the compatibility view settings data and hence a user must provide the list of websites for compatible viewing again. To do so, click the Internet Options from the settings drop-down menu. In the General settings tab under the browsing history, click the Delete button. This will open up the list of files that will be deleted. One may preserve the favourite webpage data by checking the box before confirming the delete.

Repair the issue under the Troubleshooting apps available in the controlpanel. If one is unable to find it, search for ''troubleshooting'' in the windows search bar. Once the troubleshooting folder is open, it displays a list of files to run. Choose the Internet Explorer performance file. This opens a dialogue box which allows one to run as an administrator. Check the Apply repairs automatically and click Next and follow the instructions. One may also choose to configure an advanced option and change the setting to apply software rendering instead of GPU rendering. An incompatible video card or driver on the system may cause this option to be greyed out.

IE in a bad state: If the IE is crashing as soon as one opens or displays 404 error when one tries to open any webpage thus rendering it useless for browsing, one may have to try resetting the Internet explorer settings. This method requires the user to restart the computer once the setting is configured. Many of the settings which are configured in the Advanced options tab may require restarting of the computer to take effect. To access the Advanced option, click the settings icon in the browser present to the right side of the address bar. Choose the Internet options from the drop-down menu and then select the Advanced tab from among the tabs displayed.